Choose your goal and start today! Each plan includes everything you need to get started on your way to your dream body! 🎯

Plans include:

✦ Training plan 📊
✦ Nutrition advice, calorie calculator 🥦
✦ Video tutorials for correct form 🎥
✦ Support chat in whatsapp 24/7 📲



Seeking for a completely private approach? Apply for a private 1 vs1 online consultation:

  • To save you time, I have created a personalised approach and plan just for you! 🧔♂️ | 👱♀️

  • Private video call consultations and support chat with me directly 🤝🎥

  • Customised exercises and dietary recommendations according to preference and ability. ✍️

  • "I'll breathe behind you", motivating you and pushing you forward. There are no options, the goal will have to be achieved! 🗣