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Elvis Krūze



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The Muscle and Strength Building Workout Programme is for the person at home who is ready to make a change in themselves and not only get in shape, but also achieve the goals they have always dreamed of. The programme has been created by Elvis Krūze, a certified fitness trainer who has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with athletes as well as individuals who are looking to develop their fitness and work capacity.

Elvis has worked to create the most accessible and effective fitness programme possible to help people who do not work with a trainer on a daily basis and do not have the opportunity to go to the weight room. This will be a great opportunity for you, as the programme is fully customisable so you can work out anywhere, no matter where you are, no matter what time of day, so you can work out whenever you want. All the exercises have been specially researched and we can guarantee that your workouts will be challenging, stimulating and effective. But that's not all, throughout the programme, you will be able to contact the trainer personally and consult remotely on any issue completely free of charge! The programme also includes a nutrition guide and video tutorials to make sure you have everything clear and understandable on your way to your new goal!


P.s. If you feel confused and are not sure which program to choose, feel free to contact me via instagram or email -

- Workout plan
- Nutrition info
- Consultation with a trainer
- Calorie calculator
- Video tutorials (for correct exercise)

Additional product and purchase information: This is a digital product, upon receipt of payment you will be emailed full access and the program materials which you can use immediately upon receipt.

Good luck with your training!


- Workout plan

- Nutrition info

- Consultation with a trainer

- Calorie calculator formula

- Video tutorials (for correct exercise)

How to use?

The plan is available in pdf format and can be opened on your computer or on your phone.


After purchase, you will immediately receive a download link where you can access the programme.


If you are not satisfied with the course within 14 days, I will refund your payment :)

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Personal trainer for your growth

  • Training plan 📝

    A properly dosed training plan for 8-12 weeks.

  • Nutrition blueprint 🥦

    Meal recommendations tailored to your fitness goals.

  • Video tutorials 🎥

    Trainer-made videos for correct execution of the tasks.

  • Support 🫱🏻‍🫲🏾

    I will be there throughout the course of the programme to help you and answer any questions in writing.

Coach Elvis

Elvis is a certified category C fitness trainer with 8 years of experience in fitness and almost 20 years in sport in general! He has been playing hockey since he was a kid and has done so at a professional level, and has learned and built his fitness and knowledge in hockey, as Elvis has been trained by several well-known sports specialists in Latvia who have not only mastered sports tactics and psychology, but also how to physically train and manage your body. After his hockey career, he turned to training to become a specialist himself so he could help other people achieve their personal fitness goals.

Elvis' specialties:

- Weight loss

- Muscle mass and strength building

- Team sports athlete fitness

- Speed, balance, strength, posture, muscle imbalance training

- Sports nutrition